Young Somerset

Young Somerset
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Young Somerset is the largest youth work charity in Somerset and our mission is to put young people first.

Our aim is to work with young people, encouraging them to take responsibility for themselves and become actively involved in shaping the communities in which they live.  Young Somerset works to achieve social and economic outcomes with young people, through the delivery of measurable outputs and outcomes.

Young Somerset seeks to develop a youth work relationship that is open, honest, respectful, trusting and led by the young person.

Our vision is delivered through three strands of work: Open Access Youth Work; Skills Development; and Social Action. 

Open Access Youth Work

A universal offer to young people across the county, enabling them to access a youth work curriculum that develops skills and increases involvement within their communities.

Skills Development

Through targeted or focused programmes, young people can gain skills which help them develop their economic and social wellbeing and employability.

Social Action

Delivering projects in which young people develop the skills and are given the opportunities to take ownership and contribute to their local community through volunteering, raising awareness or fundraising.