The Hope Centre

The Hope Centre
07949 642774

To support people in the Minehead area who are homeless, have problems associated with drugs or alcohol, or are lonely or disadvantaged in any way.

Volunteers give their time, offering hot meals, drinks, bathing and clothes washing facilities. We provide practical assistance to visitors to help them rebuild their lives and get them back on track. Through this work, a number of visitors have realised the negative effects of their past behaviour.

A full range of support is offered, including making doctors’ appointments, speaking to housing officers or others on behalf of service users and sourcing clothing, furniture and household effects for those who have made a fresh start in accommodation of their own. Some visitors have been introduced to projects or courses designed to lift them out of their present situation and give them self-respect and purpose in life.

Drop-in centre at Minehead Baptist Church each Monday & Tuesday from 10.30am - 2pm.

Find The Hope Centre at: Minehead Baptist Church, Parks Lane, Minehead, TA24 8BS